Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I remember I was falling
I was falling so hard
I woke up with a broken knee
I was bleeding to death

I told you to save me 
Save me from the darkest pain
I wanted to be taken care
But you left me with scare

Sunday, March 25, 2012


We three were not three musketeers. But I still remember even though we used to meet each and every month drop in hangout we were buddies …and then time passes away people get rich when some struggle to live they are busy and obviously will not have time for a girl like me. That’s simply because I just started my higher education and living. Of course I don’t own a vehicle or I don’t have time. So that two other friends has gone so much far away from me and thank you showing me reality to not to have friends
And secondary I will also not know them hereafter no not even in my dreams those who doesn’t bother are no longer in my list. Your attitudes are not mine that is why I am letting you to keep it. I was worried and yeah wanted to meet u all but not any more.

Yes I still remember when I am down after a breakup you cried with me. I still miss you two like hell now the child game is over from now onwards don’t call me, don’t sms me and I am sorry I thought we are friends…..

Also thank you for everything. And inspiring me about where I stand to make friends..

And at the end I found a new reason for friends

“They are just options used on situations”

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I don't know any topic for this

May be I don't know what exactly imprint means but as per Jacob in twilight “it’s not gravity which holds you to the earth anymore but it’s her” and in my case it’s you who holds me to earth. I cry for the thing which I couldn’t bear, when I wanted to you to be there for me when I meet you or talk to you I feel the entire world is no longer where I belong to even the most important things are nothing important. I’d die for one breath of yours and I’d take the risk of diving to the deepest sea to find your heart or I’ll do any ridiculous thing to keep u with me for a minute I feel comfortable with you and I simply can be me without any doubt and for the first time this addiction looks better to me it doesn’t kill me.

Do u remember the first day I chased you out when u were trying to flirt. That’s coz I felt that I will lose me if you look into my eyes I was being protective, selfish and jealous thinking how could anyone steal my own self from me at a glance and we fought a lot that’s coz I wanted to hate you but much more harder I tried I was losing me yes I lost freaking me and freaked out for someone else everything was a waste like a line drew on sand washed by waves. Explanations are no longer possible when I am no longer mine        

Monday, October 24, 2011

I'll be right by ur side wherever u are

look at me
look in to my eyes
can't u see ur self in them?

listen to me
listen what my hearts says
doesn't it beat for u?

hold me
hold my hands tide
don't they fits your hands perfectly

close ur eyes
just close them with no thoughts
I know u dream both of us

If u can see me
if u can hear me
if u can hold me
then why u should worry over
My Existence 
I'll be right by ur side wherever u are

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Life is uncertain
Heart is fragile
Future is not decided
Past was a fail 
And now you wanna to know my present?
I have a bleeding heart
Cracked knees
A dying soul
And you are telling me lift your self up?
I belong to nowhere
Fall in love is not my care
Let me say dear you better be there

Monday, September 12, 2011

I Miss You R

you are a whisper on my year
and a candle light in my dark soul
you became a hundred and one smile
and a tear that broke my soul
you the best buddy I could have
to bring back my smile
you saw my innocent heart
and cared it like a warming sun
you knew my tears are shined
when i always had faking smile
you knew i have fallen in love
I missed you was a huge pain
you were one i wanted to hate
for leaving me alone in a crumsy world
i'd cry and cry cry and cary and cry
but no fortune can bring u back


Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Time slipped away when i look ahead
Time is like a super glue when i hold on
Time i told u that i loved
U said we have time 
And now time is gone so am i
We have love but no time